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Distinctive Dining

Serving the finest food for over 40 years, Rodini's Restaurant offers the most succulent Steaks and Prime Rib you will find.  Serving two generous portions of prime rib as well as your favorite steak, cooked to order and seasoned with our proprietary seasoning blends.  

 Fresh Seafood

Seafood at Rodini is delivered daily to provide the freshest seafood experience to our patrons.  We take extra pride in providing only the freshest of seafood options.

 Prime Rib of Beef

Available only Thursday through Sunday, our Prime Rib of Beef comes in two generous portions.  Doris' Cut is 16 oz. while Luis' cut is a grand experience at 20 oz.

  • Distinctive Dining
  • Fresh Seafood
  • Famous For...

Open for Lunch

We are open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00 -3:30.


Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

Dinner is served 7 days a week starting at 4:00 pm.


Dinner Menu

Rodini Specials

Our daily specials, freshly prepared and cooked to order.


Rodini Specials

For Reservations

For reservations, please call to speak with Anastasia.  




Welcome to Rodini Restaurant.  "Rodini" is a valley in Rhodes, Larry's hometown.  Rhodes is the most beautiful Island in Greece.  The Rhodian people celebrate a wine festival every year in memory of Dionissus, the God of Wine and Pleasure.  We hope you enjoy your meal and come back to visit us again soon.

A Quick Note

Rodini's requests that patrons be of the age of 18 or older.  


Always call in advance for reservations

Rodini's Specialty

 Prime Rib of Beef:

ImageDoris' Cut (16 oz.) - $23.95
ImageLuis' Cut (20 oz.) - $25.95

Images from Rodini

Rodini's Restaurant Fine Dining in Michigan City Rodinis Michigan City Rodini Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge


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Rodini Restaurant Info

Rodini Restaurant - Voted Best All-Around Restaurant in Northwest Indiana 2001 - 2012 by the News-Dispatch Reader's Choice.


Daily Specials

Mondays Special
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Fridays Special